Little Smokey Nuremberger Sausages

Little Smokey Nuremberger Sausages

Little Smokey Nuremberger Sausages

Product Description :
– Smoked small sausages, hint of Balinese palm sugar
– Smoked German traditional sausage made with free range organic (non-certified) pork, smoked with local coffee wood


Penjual Bali Highlands Organik
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Product Description

Sosis pertama di Bali dari daging babi free range, tanpa antibiotik, tanpa growth hormone, tanpa filler, tanpa msg

Little Smokey Nuremberger Sausages
Harga : 46.500
Berat 260g
Size : 13x16x4cm

Long Description :
Short story for Bali highland Organic
Meat from free range farm is healthier in nature due to their free roaming characteristics, no growth hormone,
no antibiotics, and no animal byproducts in the feed
Started in 2013, Bali Highlands Organik is a free range pig farm and butchery located in panoramic eastern side of Bali. Partnering with local farmers to create a sustainable environment for both the farm, butchery, and processing facility our mission is to provide healthier and more sustainable high quality meat on the island
All sausages use only premium meat without any fillers (keto / paleo diet friendly).

Serving Suggestions :
Kid’s favorite, especially for their breakfast or afternoon snacks.

Ingredients: Ingredients: pork meat, garlic, pepper, shallot, parsley, balinese palm sugar, spices, curing salt


NOTED : All sausages must be kept frozen and delivered frozen as well

Additional Information

Weight 310 g
Dimensions 13 x 16 x 4 cm


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